Reorganization at HILL

With immediate effect, HILL International and HILL Woltron will be emerging as separate entities on the market.

With 1 April 2018, HILL International and its previous franchisee, HILL Woltron Management Partner, will be going their separate business ways. For a long time, both companies, HILL International and HILL Woltron were connected by a franchise agreement. On 1 April 2018, HILL Woltron will be amicably withdrawing from the HILL International network, thereby taking its own independent path. The reason for this separation lies in different strategic orientations. This new structure has been planned well and has resulted from a mutually acceptable agreement.

The founder of HILL International, Othmar Hill, sees the step with ease. “Naturally, it is also a pity to lose a long-standing franchise partner, on the other hand, consistent decisions are positive for both sides if orientations change. This is a natural process. I expect fair and stimulating competition that all our customers will profit from.”

Franz Hill, the managing director of HILL Woltron, has a positive attitude toward the development: “From now on, driving the business forward independently of the HILL franchise structure is a great opportunity – we will be able to offer our customers personnel search projects even more quickly and flexibly. Nevertheless, I would not have wanted to miss out on the time spent in the HILL franchise network.” For HILL Woltron with managing director Franz Hill, emphasis will continue to be placed on traditional recruitment, whereby, in the future, choosing the selection methods will be performed in a broader manner than has been the case up until now.

Elisabeth Leyser, having been with HILL since 1999 and as the managing director of HILL Management at its Vienna location, having been responsible for personnel and organizational development to date, will also be taking on the field of recruiting in Eastern Austria, including Vienna and Styria. “Human resources management is increasingly becoming a strategic task – here, our core competencies in the fields of personnel recruitment, personnel development, as well as strategic planning can be perfectly combined.”

What all agree on: Overall, by emerging as two separate entities, in the future, it is expected to be able to cover an even greater market share altogether than ever before. The locations at Schwarzenbergplatz 7 in Vienna for HILL International and Neulinggasse 29 for Hill Woltron, also located in Vienna, will remain unchanged. Further information on HILL International can be found at, or on HILL Woltron Management Partner at

About HILL: Dr. Othmar Hill with his wife at the time, Christine, founded the “Testpsychologische Institut” already in 1975, which was later renamed HILL International. During the course of their private separation, HILL Woltron emerged, which, having been taken over by Franz Hill in 1988, took care of personnel recruitment and selection, mainly in Eastern Austria. HILL International, founded in 1975 by Dr. Othmar Hill, stands for international competence in the fields of recruiting and personnel development, as well as wide-ranging expertise in the field of psychological diagnostics. Since 1980, as a franchisor, Othmar Hill has also been responsible for maintaining and expanding the franchise network, the development of new services and strategic decisions on what paths to take. Today, HILL International is represented in 30 countries with approx. 50 offices.

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